Did Mike Tyson Use Steroids Or Natural?

There are many bodybuilders who accepted the steroid use such as the Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rich Piana, and the Ronnie Coleman.

When the spiel comes to your favorite stars, so it is crucial to know the truth.

did mike tyson use steroids

Do you think that Mike Tyson relates to the brave bodybuilders who never feel shy to openly talk about the steroid practice?

He is not heavy like other but it is widely asking the question that he jacked naturally or taking some help from the steroids.

Mike Tyson has an incredible appearance and the physical development.

He was massive, muscular, big and unique in the boxing world.

Mike was lean as a heavyweight boxer and have a six pack ABS.

Mike had the frightening physique and defined muscle, which enhances his appearance.

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Six Abs look astonishing, but it does not have any impact on the performance and functional advantage, but It looks leaner and low percentage of body fat.

There are many peoples who admired the Tyson’s due to the genetic but some of the peoples are criticized for exceeding the normal range.

In the forums, it is discussed that Mike Tyson’s has a quality of genes and genetically gifted from birth, who can build up the muscles by breathing in the air and already big when he was a teenager.

There are many Testosterone pills like Testogen which can help in increasing endurance, stamina and testosterone levels.

The WWE claims that they don’t have any performer who takes the steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs.

Athlete Statistics Of Mike Tyson:

  • Weight of the body: 210-218 lbs (95.2-98.8kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’10’’ (178cm)
  • Percentage of body fat: 8-11%

It can be complicated to identify the athletes and the bodybuilder have used steroids or stayed off them

We have collected some information related to Mike Tyson Steroids, mentioned as below;

Mike Tyson And Other Bodybuilders:

Mike Tyson won the 35 wins when he was about the 218lbs and fought Frank Bruno.

How good was Mike Tyson as a boxer?Muhammad Ali considered as the greatest bodybuilder of all the time, he was 4-5 inches bigger and light in few pounds as compared to the Tyson.

Rocky Marciano, who won the heavyweight title with the same height of Mike 5’10’’ and 30-40 Lb less in weight.

The Tyson weight is exceeding than a natural range, some individual’s said it is due to the workout or the weight training.

But, if we go through the Tyson workout training, so he did not have the trainings which are based on hypertrophy.

The Tyson primary routine includes in dips, pushups, running, sit-ups and neck bridges.

In the Mike opinion: “lifting weight has much resemblance to punching as cheesecake.

What Is The Daily Workout Routine And Diet Of Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson nutrition included steak, pasta, carbohydrates twice a day.

He had some supplements like the protein shakes and the vitamins in his diet as well.

Mike wakes up at 5 am for a shower and goes back to the sleep until 10 am, then he had a breakfast consisting of an oatmeal.

After the 10 rounds of sparring, he continued lunch at the 2pm consisted of pasta, steak, and the fruit juice.

At 3 pm, Mike considered the work for hours on the exercise bike.

In this time period, Mike was training the 500 dips, 500 shrugs with a 50-60Ib barbell, 2000 sits up and the neck exercises.

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After completing the workouts until 7 pm, he had the lunch of steak and the pasta at 7 pm.

Then, Milke spent 30 minutes on the biking and finally watch TV for a short period of the time.

It is considered that the plenty of proteins allowed him to stay massive and the strong with a combination of weight training.

Mike Tyson claimed that he got the punching power primarily from the training with a heavy bag and strengthening the other parts of the body.

Bench Press:

Mike Tyson is not much heavier or bigger than the other bodybuilders.

He had the huge shoulders that do not mean that he only used steroid and don’t hit the gym.

Mike Tyson had started the training since he was only 13 years old, he could bench press the weight 225lbs for ten reps.

The maximum rate of Mike Tyson capacity to bench press is unknown.

Mike Tyson Has Accepted Steroid Use:

Mike Tyson has admitted the use of drugs and the “Whizzer” a long time ago to fool the testers.

was mike tyson on steroids

Whizzer helped the Mike to pass out the urine, which is clear from the drug.

Mike further explained that he had taken a cocaine before a press conference

This indicates that he was natural and took some help from the steroids.

“I want to be best ever at any cost”

He is a man who wants to achieve the goals and everything at any cost.

Mike was charged $200,000, passed a positive test for marijuana in the year 2000.

Taking the steroids or drugs for the competition is an annoying part that happens continuously in the sports. Mostly Athletes and other sports person use HGH pills, Testosterone booster supplements and D-bol for bigger muscles.

Mike said: “If I were competing or fighting today, so I could probably use the growth hormones to compete the other bodybuilders in order to stay the best”

Which Steroids Would Mike Have Used?

did mike tyson take steroids If he had not taken the anabolic steroids, so possibly he could not bigger than a normal range of natural bodybuilders.

Might be possible, he has done the Anadrol, Trenbolone and the Dianabol cycle for increasing the size and strength to win.

There are many possible ways to prevent the side effects of steroid such as taking the supplement which inhibits the estrogen or estrogen conversion, lower the blood pressure and incorporate the exercises.

The bodybuilders know very well that how to manage or reduce the steroid side effect.


We could not verify the actual way, whether he used a steroid or not, but his appearance as a great body is due to the combination of both childhood training and the drug use.

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A man with 5’10’’height can naturally reach or build up the 170lbs (77kg), whereas Tyson is 38 maximum than a natural scale.

Mike Tyson accepted steroid use so we cannot neglect his efforts and workout for a week.

We don’t know the actual steroids and cycle that was used by the Mike Tyson.

The above steroids are based on our assumption.

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